Next Generation Business Solution

Oracle apps solution providers - it is challenging to rely on individuals that can deliver accurate real-time based information evaluation along with accurate reports. And this is where the Oracle EBS implementation take away the risk because there is no repetition or errors in data. InnoWorx is your go-to Oracle ERP implementation partners that deliver best-in-class Cumatica Cloud Erp Solutions.

Consolidate enterprise planning, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.

Combine all databases across departments that can be accessed by all employees.

Oracle Cloud ERP automates the tasks involved in performing a business process.

Our Oracle Service Offerings

For Ipaas Solutions, the Celigo integration platform is specifically created, together with a library of hundreds of pre-built application connectors and apps. Users can easily design, organize, manage, and hand over complex Celigo Integration at scale with the help of Celigo Service Partner, which helps users choose the best IpaaS for it and directs less frequently used IT resources. The data silos that result when these iPaaS solutions aren't integrated can cause costly delays, big data inaccuracies, and even departmental strife. And this is when Celigo, the top iPaaS software, comes into play in order to select the appropriate iPaaS for it. As a Celigo service partner, you can free up your time to perform the more crucial tasks for your businesses by automating business processes across applications using Celigo Integration.


  • Pre Implement assessment
  • Core Implementation
  • Global roll out
  • 3rd party application integration


  • Business process re-engineering
  • ERP implementation roadmap
  • Apps integration strategy


  • Pre upgrade assessment
  • Version upgrades
  • Platform migrations
  • Application upgrades
  • Post-upgrade roll outs


  • Functional, technical, DBA support
  • Help desk
  • Application support –SLA based
  • Instance consolidation
  • Performance management
  • Point integration solution

Managed Services/ Support

Solution Models

Cost Retrenchment


  • After hours dedicated support
  • Development activities
  • Infra related maintenance activities
  • System maintenance activities (cloning, patching, code migration, change management, performance, etc.,)


  • After hours support (on-call support) sticker price
  • Critical issues
  • Cluster issues
  • Non-development activities
  • Downage
  • Performance

Primary/ Secondary Support

Work on all development activities (implementing a change on non-prod, applying a patch, document, performing a system upgrade on lower environments and document, etc.)

Work on all Oracle EBS implementation activities.

After hours support: All types of activities on all mission-critical and lower environments.

Role-Based Services

  • Functional, Technical, User management
  • Apps administration
  • Database administration
  • Hourly model
  • We can be a secondary support model
  • Managed services EBS SQL server, Oracle Middle Tier

InnoWorx’s Oracle ERP Solutions

Being one of the certified Oracle apps solution providers, we understand the complexities of Oracle technologies and will ensure that your business-critical Oracle enterprise applications are safe, secure and running in the right environment. We have the qualified team of expert professionals with over decade of quality experience in the field and have led on-prem deployments, facilitating everything from a simple, focused line of business applications to complex multi-application enterprise solutions.


Your Organization Benefits

  • 24/7 coverage
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Top-to-bottom coverage of your Oracle investment
  • Cost savings
  • Being one of the most trusted Oracle ERP Implementation Partners, we allow you to determine the level of support you need with service offering to meet every situation.

Support Your Environment

  • Real-time monitoring of operating systems and hardware
  • Operating system support and maintenance
  • Database support and maintenance
  • Patch management
  • Remediation of issues based on the selected service offering
  • Project management, status meetings, and executive sponsorship

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